“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Brandon Clift


Brandon graduated from Lincoln Tech in 2000 with a degree in Architectural Design. Upon graduation, he began working for a Supplier to the Automotive Aftermarket. Over the last 15 years, he has held multiple positions: delivery driver, customer service representative, branch manager, regional manager, vice president of sales and operations, and other senior level positions. His experience has given him a unique perspective of the supply chain.

During Brandon’s career in Distribution, he has watched the industry go through several changes. Over time as margins continued to erode, consolidation gained momentum, and customers preferences were changing, it became obvious that there was a need for a more efficient way to manage materials. So in 2013, Brandon surrounded himself with a team of talented people, and LeanTec was born.

On his time off, you can find Brandon spending time with his family. Brandon, his wife Tara, and their three children currently live in a suburb of Nashville, TN.

Vikki Lambert

Vice President of Operations

Vikki graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in 1994. After beginning her career as a paralegal in real estate law, Vikki decided to leave her home in North Carolina for a position at a start-up software development company in Nashville, TN. With an extensive background in sales, development, testing, support and management, Vikki has over 20 years of experience in the software development industry.

Vikki’s experience with a successful start-up software company made her a great fit for LeanTec. In April of 2015, she accepted the position as Vice President of Operations. Vikki’s Operational responsibilities include coordinating shop installations, invoicing, and managing vendor & customer relations.

When not at work, Vikki dedicates her time to her family. Vikki lives with her husband, Brian, and their four active teenagers in a suburb of Nashville.

Jeewa Perera

Chief Technology Officer

Jeewa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 1997 and then earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2004. As an accomplished and successful Information Technology leader, he demonstrates experience in maximizing emerging technologies by enabling organizations to fully capitalize on business opportunities. Highly experienced in implementing regulatory compliance guidelines and standards, Jeewa has a proven track record of success as a Chief Architect for large scale Inventory, Human Resources, Finance, Payments, Retail, and Healthcare applications.

With over 20 years of experience in various small to large scale projects, Jeewa has managed teams as small as one, to teams numbering in the thousands. He excels in team building, problem-solving, process improvement, and product innovation.

In his personal time, you can find Jeewa spending time his family, studying emerging technologies, or exercising. Currently, Jeewa lives with his wife and their two children in a suburb of South Nashville.

Mobile Applications, System Architecture, Clinical Systems, SOA, EDI, Integration, HIT, Client Collaboration, Interoperability.

Ryan Ketcham

National Sales Manager

As the National Sales Manager for LeanTec Inventory Solutions, Ryan is responsible for sales growth and raising brand awareness. Prior to joining LeanTec, Ryan was the National Account Manager for Saint-Gobain with a focus on creating value-add services for End Users that have a national footprint.

Ryan is a proud Hoosier and graduate of Indiana University. He has over 10 years of sales experience in the Coatings and Automotive Aftermarket sectors. In his career, he has been recognized with 11 Sales and Influence Awards. With a strong work ethic and focus on problem-solving for his partners, Ryan has had sales increases every year over the prior year. In addition to his career, Ryan volunteers with Wheeler Mission, Hathaway House, Brookside Community and local activities through Northview Church.

Chuck Wheelock

Development & Support

Chuck has over 15 years of experience in software and hardware support, starting as an enthusiast in high school. For 10 years, he worked in the automotive refinish/aftermarket industry successfully advancing his knowledge and career, having held positions from delivery driver to branch manager. When asked to help conceptualize a solution to help body shops efficiently track and manage refinish materials, he understood the challenges that needed to be addressed and was eager to begin the LeanTec journey and apply his skills. Today Chuck is working with a team of software developers to continue to build on and improve the Prophet-C application.

When he isn’t at work, Chuck loves to spend time with his growing family, play guitar, paint, and pursue an interest in general aviation, hoping to one day follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps to become a licensed private pilot.

John Taylor

Project Manager

John has spent 30 years working in various professional and managerial roles. His main focus in the last 10 years has been in managing national and international teams that have built applications for the retail, industrial, and medical industries. The focus of these applications has been on inventory and warehouse management, medical records, and mobile applications used in day-to- day workflow processes.

Among his varied credentials, he is a certified Scrum Master. This specialized certification provides him with a unique capability both as a Team Leader and Product Owner.

When he isn’t glued to the computer screen or working with the development teams, John spends his time on other interests which include running, baseball, landscape design, and reading up on the newest technical innovations in these industries.

Levi Duff

Hardware Engineer and Conversion Specialist.

Levi has been with LeanTec from the beginning. After 4 years in the military, he attended The Nashville Auto Diesel College where he graduated with honors. As an ASE Master Tech, he spent the next ten years as a production painter. While working in a shop, Levi saw the need to secure tools and equipment. With an eye for design and background in Hardware engineering, he created an electronic system which kept his tools secured at all times. Later, this system was an influence when LeanTec’s cabinets and mobile carts were engineered & designed.

Along the way, Levi’s knowledge of how a shop operates and his attention to detail opened the door for him to be a Technical Representative for a top distributor. As a cost conscious technician with a goal of helping his clients realize their greatest profit potential, Levi has the industry knowledge to help bring shops to the next level.

On his time off you can find Levi spending time with his family, hunting, or “tinkering” in his garage. Currently, Levi, his wife Amy, and their three children live in a suburb south of Nashville.

Diane Yandell

Training Coordinator

After graduating from high school on Long Island, New York, Diane moved to Jackson, Tennessee to attend Lambuth University. Diane has an eye for detail, and an ability to take complex subjects and simplify them. Her natural creative gifts, background in teaching, ability to create content, and public speaking skills have prepared her for her current responsibilities with LeanTec.

Diane is responsible for creating and managing the content within LeanTec’s Learning Center and keeping that content current as the software evolves. Her knowledge of learning patterns is why she offers training in multiple ways, including written visual tutorials and quick how-to videos. Diane has also led the charge in creating online training courses that offer software simulations.

On Diane’s off time, you can find her traveling with her husband, Tim and spending time with her family – especially her 10 grandchildren, who are the JOYs of her life!!