Multi-Shop Operators

Independent Solution

LeanTec is an Independent company, which is privately owned. However, we currently work with many distributors and most major manufacturers. Unlike other software solutions promoted by manufacturers, you will have access to LeanTec regardless of who you use and where you use them.

MSO Architecture

Designed with you in mind. LeanTec is aware of your unique needs. With a single login, you can view all your locations, and then drill down into each of them for detailed information. Different distributors for different markets? No problem! Within Prophet-C, you can assign different shops to different distributors.

Reporting Real-Time Information

Prophet-C offers real-time information. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the value of your inventory asset companywide up to the second? LeanTec offers multiple reports that provide significant value. Additionally, LeanTec is willing to create additional reports to satisfy your needs.

Multi-Vendor Ordering

(One-stop shop for managing consumable materials)

This feature is a must for a group with a large geographical footprint. You can manage all your vendors with a single solution. Do you get your clips from one company, detail supplies from another, and paint & materials from another? We’ve got you covered — Go to one place to manage them all.


The nature of your business is fast paced as you add locations and team members. LeanTec understands the need to have a method to quickly transfer knowledge. Our online learning center offers training that is to the point and consistent. This professional training is well done, and will have your new team members up and running in no time.


(Private Server Options)

LeanTec understands how sensitive your information is to you. For your peace of mind, there are private server options available. Please inquire to learn more.


Our cloud-based platform is designed to scale infinitely. With your approved product list, we can easily replicate the set up in Prophet-C as many times as you would like. With approved cabinet designs —using images and product blueprints — these cabinets can be set up easily. Quickly deploy and replicate your vision for Inventory Management across your organization.


We understand that time is money, and nobody has time to duplicate software entries. Integrate Prophet-C with your existing applications. Prophet-C’s fully automated, bi-directional synchronization keeps information flowing. Our integration hub lets you easily integrate LeanTec into your workflow.