Our Motivation

“With changing market conditions, our goal was to create a more efficient
replenishment method that would maximize profits for everyone in the supply chain.”

~ Brandon Clift, Founder

Increase Efficiency

Distribution of consumable products has been managed the same way for many years; however, market conditions are changing rapidly. Normally suppliers will send an account manager to their customer’s physical location to write replenishment stock orders. This dated way of restocking inventory is expensive, inefficient, and provides little accountability. Though many suppliers continue to make a significant investment in managing their customer’s inventory this way, recent studies show that many shops actually prefer alternative ways of having their supplies restocked.

Meet Evolving Customer Needs

As a result of eroding profit margins for both suppliers and shops alike, we believe the distribution industry is headed toward an Inflection Point. This Inflection Point will be a time of significant change, or a turning point, in the way products are currently being supplied. Evolving customer preferences, technology advancements, and reduced margins have created the need for a more efficient way of managing supplies. Simply put–you cannot continue to do things the way you’ve always done them and expect different results.

Maximize Profits

From our inception in 2013, LeanTec’s mission has been simple: Develop tools for the automotive aftermarket that help suppliers and shops maximize material profits. With a solid understanding of technology, software development, and a background in distribution to the automotive aftermarket industry, we have designed a full enterprise inventory management solution. We are confident that our solution, which provides benefits for the entire supply chain, will become the preferred method of managing consumable materials.