Maximize Profit Opportunities

Studies suggest that shops are experiencing a shrinkage in material profitability. LeanTec’s dependable storage solution not only organizes your inventory, but it works in harmony with our intuitive software to deliver unprecedented results.


Automated Re-Ordering

LeanTec keeps track of inventory quantities and automatically sends out an order whenever stocking levels drop below the levels you’ve set for each product. No more having to place manual stocking orders. No more being overloaded with products or running out of products in the middle of a job. LeanTec provides “Just-in-Time” inventory – never too much – never too little – automatically! Watch your material profits go up as you keep the correct number of products on hand at all times.

to view Real-time Information

We know that if you can measure it, you can manage it. Prophet-C provides information that is visual and easy to understand. Not only will you know your profitability in real-time, but you’ll know what you’re trending towards. No more getting to the end of the month only to be surprised!


Since all materials are scanned, you will always know who removed the supplies, what was taken, and when they were removed. You will also know why your materials were removed from your cabinets, as all materials are assigned to a work order.

Create Invoices on Billable Items

Have you ever run into a material cap, or been told, “If you had an invoice, we would pay for that billable item?” Within Prophet-C, all products are given marching orders, and since all items are tracked to a Job #, it’s easy to create invoices.


On the scanner, Prophet-C controls access to your inventory. Within the software, you grant permission to the appropriate staff to access specific cabinets during the times that you’re willing to allow access. The software drops a digital key to unlock the cabinet door only after all the Job information is submitted.

Streamline Inventory

Ever wondered why you’re stocking the same product with so many different manufacturers? For example: multiple different types of 180 grits? Prophet-C’s software will only order what you allow it to order, and LeanTec’s organizational bins will only store what there is room to store. You’ll be surprised by all the benefits that streamlining inventory offers.