Prophet-C is LeanTec’s proprietary software. Designed to communicate with and power LeanTec’s equipment, Prophet-C has been created to offer benefits for the whole supply chain. With this easy-to-use software, you’ll maximize your material profits.

Business Insight

Being able to monitor inventory consumption and movement patterns, Prophet-C will help you catch little problems before they become big ones. It removes the guesswork and wondering of, “What happened to my material profits?”


Prophet-C’s reporting makes it easy to know Who used the materials, What products they used, When they used them, Where they were accessed, and Why your materials are being consumed. With a click of a mouse, you can know your inventory value in real time! From Product, Job & Employee Details to Inventory, Invoices & Purchase Orders, we’ve got you covered.

Automated Replenishment

After setting minimum and maximum stocking levels, Prophet-C goes to work. Based upon the restocking schedule you select, LeanTec generates an order for all items that have fallen below your desired levels. And Prophet-C’s AMP meter algorithm makes it easy to adjust your stocking levels up and down to match your shop’s volume at any time in the month. LeanTec is Just-in-Time inventory – never too much, never too little. It’s replenishment made simple!

Role Specific Logins

To deliver value and to keep things simple, LeanTec created Role Specific logins. Each of our 8 roles has access only to the information that is pertinent to them. Within its architecture, Prophet-C has accounted for different roles within Distributors, Shops and MSO’s. Specific information in a Specific Industry for Specific Roles.


LeanTec’s multi-tenant cloud architecture scales on demand while providing consistent performance and reliability. We manage all system maintenance and upgrades, ensuring you receive the latest updates as soon as they’re available. If your organization has specific security requirements, a private cloud option is also available. Our scalable platform has been designed with you in mind.