New Sales Opportunities

As technology advances, and customer preferences evolve, what will keep you relevant? As the market place gets more competitive, with others selling the same products as you, there are only so many concessions you can give. LeanTec is a new & refreshing approach to Inventory Management. This will distinguish you and create opportunities to sell your products to new shops.

Expand your Territory

You can monitor inventory consumption remotely from any internet-enabled device. Over time, reduce the number of visits you make to a shop by stocking the right quantities. This will free you up to add more customers within a larger geographical area without adding more staff to do it.

Cost-Effective Way to Service Customers

Because Lean Tec’s software Prophet-C is automatically generating replenishment orders on the schedule that you set, there’s no need to send valuable account reps out to write stock orders. Reduce expensive hot shot deliveries, and free your valuable employees to add business and create value for your customers.


Eliminate Shops Month-End Inventories

Who has time to take monthly inventories at the shop level? Since Prophet-C is keeping up with inventory quantities on hand at the shop, it’s easy to generate a real-time Inventory Report with an updated value.

Retention Tool

Whether it’s fair or not, often distributors are held accountable for their customer’s material profits. By helping your customers improve their profits on materials, you become a valuable partner. Aligning your company’s goals with your customer’s goals will create long-lasting relationships.

Real-Time Information

Remove the guess work with LeanTec. Now you will have information at your fingertips. Catch little problems before they become big problems at the end of the month.