Equipment Designed for Shops

LeanTec’s equipment is designed to withstand the harsh shop environment. Created to communicate with Prophet-C in real-time, these intelligent cabinets are easy to install and offer the maximum in inventory efficiency.

Stationary Cabinets

LeanTec’s 48” steel cabinets are designed to maximize space and utilize the cabinet doors for additional storage, which ultimately reduces the number of cabinets that need to be purchased. With the stand-alone solution, you will be surprised by how many products these cabinets can hold! Featuring louvered panels with multiple-sized product bins, the only storage limitation is your imagination.

Mobile Carts

LeanTec’s mobile carts are designed to offer ultimate efficiency. This one-of-a-kind mobile cart is powered by rechargeable batteries so that you will not be tied to an outlet. This cart can be moved throughout your facility and shared between technicians on the production floor. No more lost productivity walking to access your products. With LeanTec, you can replenish inventory directly to your carts, so that you’ll always have what you need–where you need it. It’s inventory at the point of use. Experience Inventory Management at its best.


Developed with your technicians in mind, LeanTec utilizes the iPod Touch to scan products as they are removed. The iPod Touch sits inside a scanning harness that has a 6’ drop rating. Scanning has never been so easy!

Plug & Play Set Up

LeanTec’s equipment is easy to use and internet enabled. As long as you have Wi-Fi access, there are no servers to install and nothing for your IT department to support. Simply plug the cabinet or cart into a power supply, connect to the Internet, and you’re ready to go. No viruses, no hard drive, and no hassles.