An Enterprise-Class Platform for scaling Lean Inventory Management

Our Vision

LeanTec’s vision is clear: Through technology, develop tools for the automotive aftermarket that maximize material profits. To accomplish this goal, LeanTec designed Inventory Cabinets and developed an enterprise-class software platform called Prophet-C. While operating in the cloud, Prophet-C powers LeanTec’s intelligent storage solutions. Real-Time communication between your cabinets and Prophet-C will provide unprecedented insights on how to manage your inventory assets.

Anytime – Anywhere

All you need is an internet enabled device, and you can access all your information from anywhere in the world in real-time. Gone are days of worrying about what’s happening back at the shop while you’re absent.

See the Big Picture

Prophet-C will provide accountability. With Prophet-C’s reports, you will be able to see what’s happening with your inventory at all times. You will know WHO removed the inventory, WHAT product was removed, WHEN it was removed, from WHERE (which cabinet) it was removed, and WHY or for what job the user removed it. With Inventory accountability, you may be surprised how this will impact your profits.

24-7 Security

Regulating access to your inventory has never been easier. Through Prophet-C’s cloud application, you can log into your account from anywhere and change access permissions. Inventory can ONLY be accessed by WHO you authorize WHEN you authorize them, and to which cabinet you allow access. You can experience peace-of-mind knowing your inventory asset is secure.

Inventory Accuracy

Everyone knows that the problem with Software-only solutions is compliance. LeanTec understands the importance of inventory accuracy and has made a significant investment in addressing it. Prophet-C’s software will ONLY send a signal to grant access to the cabinet once the required information is submitted accurately.