lean tec inventory management

Inventory Management

Maximizing profits in every area of the Collision Repair Center is more important than ever. With the cost of materials continuing to increase annually, ignoring this shrinking profit center is no longer an option. LeanTec is an enterprise inventory management solution that has been designed for the Collision Repair Industry. From hardware to software, LeanTec will provide you with the tools and information to improve your material margins in real-time.

Cloud-Based Software

Inventory Management has never been easier! Cloud-based Software is accessible anywhere at any time – ensuring you have the right products on time – all the time.

inventory management for the automotive aftermarket

I insist upon knowing our costs, especially what each man is doing. Who saves material, who wastes it, who produces results.” – Andrew Carnegie

Increased Profitability & Efficiency

No more wondering what happened to your material profits. Always have what you need, where you need it. Never too much, never too little. Automate the replenishment process and always know your material profits in real-time.

Easy-to-understand resources available to you 24-7

Online Learning Center

Learn about all things LeanTec through Online Classes. Whether you’re setting up a shop for the first time, or just need a refresher, our Tutorials and short how-to Videos have you covered.


Inventory software for the automotive industry

Collision Repair Inventory Management Software Nashville

Lean Tec Software Management Collision Repair Industry


Welcome To The New Lean

LeanTec’s innovative approach is revolutionizing inventory management.

collision repair inventory management

“LEANTEC offers an efficient, hands-off, state-of-the-art product that allows for the ordering, delivery and storage of just-in-time materials. Easy to find materials, technician accountability, no overstocking — Truly Innovative!”
lean tec inventory management

Gold Coast Autobody – Chicago, IL

Beat The Transformation Odds

More often than not, Lean initiatives are not successful in collision repair facilities. LeanTec offers practical tools that translate into sustainable results.

inventory management for the automotive aftermarket

“We have always had pretty tight controls on material usage, but have seen a 9% increase in profit. The dashboards, organization of product, and ease of monitoring material usage & taking stock orders are all pluses.”
inventory management for the automotive aftermarket

St. Mathews Imports – Louisville, KY

Lead With Leantec

A true differentiator, LeanTec offers efficiency improvements for the entire supply chain.

inventory management software

“Prior to LeanTec we suffered from product shortages, which meant our distributor had to make multiple deliveries a day, causing our shop to be less productive. After an easy transition to LeanTec, we saw our productivity increase, resulting in us delivering an additional 6 cars per month through our paint shop.”
collision repair inventory management

Body Shop Manager
Northside Lexus – Houston, TX